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Woodchuck Fall Cider

Rainy Friday.  Long week.

What does this call for?  A delicious cider.  Cider is one of my favorite fall time beverages.  Sweet, dry, carbonated, still – I love them all.  The other day I spied a Woodchuck Fall release at my bottle shop, and cracked it open tonight.  This may be one of my most favorite ciders, ever.

Woodchuck Fall Seasonal

It pours a beautiful amber color, with only slight carbonation.  It smells sweet, of apples, and a bit spicy.  The first sip is slightly sweet, but also slightly dry.  Hints of cinnamon, clove, maybe even allspice are all found.  It reminded me of a well seasoned apple pie.

Woodchuck Fall Pint Glass

As it warmed up, more spices came though, but I drank it to fast to get a taste at room temperature!  I sure wish I could buy a case of this one its own!


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