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Brewing All The Time

Apologies for the lack of posts lately!

I have been very busy, reviewing beer, brewing beer, and tasting beer, along with everything else that happens in life.

Look forward to two posts comparing Buffalo Bill’s, Smuttynose, and Dogfish Head’s pumpkin beers, and a review of Founder’s Harvest Ale.

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The Rivercity Festival and 5K

This weekend I ran my first 5k!

All the beer drinking I do is lovely, but I like to hit the gym to keep fit and help work off all those delicious carbonated beverages I consume.  I’ve been training for a 5K using the Couch to 5K program – found here.  This Saturday, at the Rivercity festival, there was a fun run 5K, followed by the festival, that included a beer tent with Philadelphia Brewing Company and Brooklyn’s Six Point.

On tap, PBC had some of their flagships – Kenzinger (always a favorite!), Walt Wit, Newbold, and Joe Coffee Porter, and Six Point had their IPA, as well as Sweet Action Pale Ale.

There were many local vendors with food, crafts, and other merchandise for sale, as well as some bouncy things for the kids.  The entertainment was fantastic too!  All in all, it was a great afternoon and I can’t wait for next year!


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And Now For Something Completely Different, a Winery Tour

Thanks to Groupon, a few friends and I went in and got tickets to the VIP Educational Tasting and Tour of Sand Castle Winery, right outside of New Hope, PA.  We went up last weekend, to enjoy and learn about something other than beer.

The drive out to New Hope from Philadelphia was beautiful, and not too far for an afternoon trip.  The winery is tucked away up a hill, with a gorgeous mountain view.

When it began, we were able to taste the unfermented juice of freshly squeezed grapes.  Much sweeter than Welch’s!  It was really neat to see the almost “wine-y” taste you get from just the grapes.  Then, they sent us all into a big room, where Joseph gave a talk about the history of the winery, and about the types of grapes that they grow.

He was an excellent host, humorous and knowledgeable, and guided us all on how to properly examine, smell, and taste the 11 different wines, and also how to pair them with different flavors, such as thyme and rosemary.

After the tasting, we were able to make choices as to which, if any, bottles we would like to bring home, and then Joseph showed us thier wine cellar.  We got to see the big fermenters, and the barrels of wine conditioning.  We learned about the different types of oak that their wines age in, and the difference between using natural cork, plastic corks, or twist off wine caps.

The tour was lovely, and after we picked up our bottles of wine, we went upstairs to the art gallery.  Here there were also doors that led outside and we were able to take in the magnificent view from the top of the castle.

I couldn’t believe how much fun I had during the hour and a half tour.  I definitely can’t wait to be back.

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Woodchuck Fall Cider

Rainy Friday.  Long week.

What does this call for?  A delicious cider.  Cider is one of my favorite fall time beverages.  Sweet, dry, carbonated, still – I love them all.  The other day I spied a Woodchuck Fall release at my bottle shop, and cracked it open tonight.  This may be one of my most favorite ciders, ever.

Woodchuck Fall Seasonal

It pours a beautiful amber color, with only slight carbonation.  It smells sweet, of apples, and a bit spicy.  The first sip is slightly sweet, but also slightly dry.  Hints of cinnamon, clove, maybe even allspice are all found.  It reminded me of a well seasoned apple pie.

Woodchuck Fall Pint Glass

As it warmed up, more spices came though, but I drank it to fast to get a taste at room temperature!  I sure wish I could buy a case of this one its own!


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